Circling the Drain

If you judged the Hurts family solely by the look of their home, then you would be certain that they had everything. You would be certain that their lives were perfect. The unfortunate reality of the situation was far from that. It was quite the opposite to be exact. The material possessions that the head of the household, Richard Hurts, acquired were merely nourishment to his ego. However, to the loving mother of two, Margot Hurts, those same material possessions meant little to nothing.

The foundation of the Hurts’ home was like a beautiful medieval castle filled with shit. Most nights in the Hurts household consisted of genuine loathing and verbal warfare. Unfairly, Dakota and his little sister, Delilah, were subjected to that heartbreaking lifestyle. The only nights of peace came when their father, Richard, was blackout drunk. It was not exactly ideal, but nevertheless peace.

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